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We have an industrial complex entirely devoted to thermoforming which can reproduce parts in methacrylate, polycarbonate, PETG, PS, PVC, ABS, etc.

The thermoforming process represents a good alternative to injection moulding, offering a considerable reduction in costs for moulds and custom-sized production runs. We apply heat, pressure, and vacuum to define forms and obtain 3D parts, and for we finishing have a facility for machining and stamping with highly qualified personnel.

We are experts in: transparent thermoforming, thermoforming serigraphy, deep draw thermoforming, POS  thermoforming, methacrylate thermoforming, polycarbonate thermoforming, polystyrene PS thermoforming, PETG thermoforming, ABS thermoforming, and PVC thermoforming.

We provide Innovative applications for thermoforming materials and technical parts and have a wide range of machinery and resources for thermoforming all types of parts, whether large or small. We offer a wide range of materials, thicknesses, colours, etc. All our machines use the latest technology in heating and refrigeration systems, providing large production capacity and high quality and producing thermoformed articles with high transparency, vivid colours, high resistance to impact and maximum definition.

We provide either full service thermoforming, which includes design, prototypes, moulds, dies, materials, packaging and logistics, and/or subcontracted thermoforming, where the client provides the design, moulds, materials and logistics for subsequent thermoforming by Glasform. We are proud of our seriousness and punctual delivery times.

Thermoforming in automatic cycles: Thermoplastic bobbins for large production runs, with a large production capacity. Thicknesses of from 0.15mm to 2mm. Promotional trays, packaging trays, blisters, etc. in PS, PETG, ABS, methacrylate, polycarbonate, etc. 

Thermoforming in semi-automatic cycles: Thermoplastic plates, which offer flexibility and a large selection of measurements to adapt to customers’ demands. Ideal for medium-sized or occasional runs and production of thermoformed prototypes.
Thicknesses of from 0.15mm to 10mm in PS, PETG, ABS, methacrylate and polycarbonate.  

Products: Thermoformed promotional articles, thermoformed decorative trim, thermoformed protectors, thermoformed packaging, thermoformed trays, thermoformed promotional articles , thermoformed ceilings, thermoformed viewfinders, thermoformed marketing articles, transparent thermoformed articles, thermoformed blisters, thermoformed logistics trays , thermoformed household articles, thermoformed decoration, thermoformed serigraphy, thermoforming in large dimensions, thermoformed displays, thermoformed LED protectors and thermoformed lids.

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