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Polystyrene PS is a very common thermoplastic with many different applications which is excellent value for money. It is ideal for thermoforming and is used to manufacture all types of packaging, trays, decorative trim, etc.

white Polystyrene PS, black polystyrene PS, high-impact polystyrene PS-HIPS, polystyrene PS in many colours (your choice of Pantone colour), metallised polystyrene PS, polystyrene PS mirrors, fireproof polystyrene PS, pearl finish polystyrene PS, etc.

Polystyrene PS bobbins of from 0.150mm to 2.2 mm. Measurements and quantities according to the customer’s needs.

Polystyrene PS plates of from 0.5mm to 6 mm. Measurements and quantities according to the customer’s needs.

Thermoformed polystyrene PS trays personalised for your product using a rapid and economical process.

CNC Machining of polystyrene PS: drilling, radiusing, mounting holes, etc.

Folding of polystyrene PS: structures with diverse angles

Gluing and manipulation of polystyrene PS: junction boxes, decoration, etc.

Dies and stamps polystyrene PS: signs, serigraphy, etc.

ABS: If you need a bit more than polystyrene PS can offer in terms of thermal and mechanical properties, then ABS is the solution. It has many different industrial applications and is easy to thermoform and machine

ABS is available in many different colours and in either smooth or etched finishes. Formats and measurements in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Products in PS/ABS
PS signage, PS displays, ABS/PS decorative trim, ABS/PS casing, PS packaging, PS/ABS thermoformed trays, thermoformed PS/ABS packaging trays, thermoformed PS/ABS containers, thermoformed PS/ABS protectors, thermoformed PS/ABS decorative trim, thermoformed PS promotional articles, thermoformed PS displays, thermoformed PS/ABS logistics trays, thermoformed PS blisters, thermoformed PS packaging for all types of products.

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