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PETG is an extruded thermoplastic copolyester which is ideal for thermoforming and suitable for machining and folding. It is flexible, highly transparent, and offers good impact resistance.

PETG is an intermediate plastic both as regards price and properties as compared to polycarbonate and methacrylate. It complies with safety (impact resistance) regulations and represents a significant savings if the basic requirement is for eye protection.

PETG has good thermal resistance both for high and low temperatures and is ideal for freezer trays, display trays and eye protectors, thanks to its high degree of transparency.

PETG is available either transparent or in opal white.

Thicknesses of from 0.5mm to 10mm

Custom cutting of PETG: cutting according to the customer’s requirements

CNC Machining of PETG: drilling, grooving, radiusing, etc.
Folding of PETG:  structures with diverse angles, sandwich construction, etc.

Gluing and manipulation of PETG: junction boxes, industrial parts, finishing, etc.

Products in PETG:
Thermoformed PETG trays, thermoformed  PETG boxes, PETG displays, PETG viewfinders, PETG protectors, machining of PETG, custom cutting of PETG, thermoformed  PETG lenses, PETG figures, thermoformed PETG decorative trim, thermoformed  PETG industrial parts, thermoformed PETG domes, thermoformed PETG spheres, thermoformed PETG semi-spheres, PETG safety  protectors, thermoformed  PETG displays, PETG marketing articles,  PETG freezer trays, PETG eye protection, thermoformed PETG viewfinders, thermoformed  PETG lenses, thermoformed PETG lighted ceilings, thermoformed PETG LED screens, thermoformed PETG trays.

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