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At Glasform, methacrylate is our lifeblood. Our experience working with methacrylate goes back to the 1970’s.

A highly transparent material, very shiny when coloured, methacrylate offers unlimited possibilities both at the design and application level. We work with all recognised manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials in the market.

We supply methacrylate retail, with measurements, forms, thicknesses and colours in accordance with the client’s indications.

transparent methacrylate, smoked methacrylate, satin methacrylate, frosted methacrylate, coloured methacrylate, opal white methacrylate, black methacrylate, anti-reflective methacrylate, fluorescent methacrylate, LED technology methacrylate, methacrylate mirror.

Thicknesses of from 1mm to 100mm

Methacrylate bars, methacrylate tubes, methacrylate squares, methacrylate rectangles, methacrylate spheres and semi-spheres, etc.

Processes available for methacrylate:
Polishing: highly transparent parts in methacrylate
CNC Machining: drilled, profiled, radiused, grooved methacrylates, etc.

Thermoforming: heat and vacuum formed methacrylate
Custom cutting: methacrylate cut according to the client’s indications
Simple moulding: heat and pressure formed methacrylate
Transparent gluing: for structures, joining of methacrylate parts
Folding: angled methacrylates
Display cases and showcases
in methacrylate

We produce top quality display cases and showcases in methacrylate.  We do not have standard products in this line but work to the specifications and needs of the customer. For a quotation we will need the following data: length, width and depth of the tray (4 sides and 1 bottom). Bases and non-acrylic accessories should be specified. We offer transparent, resistant gluing and shiny surfaces for exhibiting objects. We supply for museums, exhibitions, artworks, contests, promotional events, structures and displays for trade fairs, methacrylate signs, letters, cubes, etc.

Products: thermoformed methacrylate trays, methacrylate protectors, thermoformed methacrylate boxes, methacrylate machining  , methacrylate viewfinders, methacrylate display cases, methacrylate showcases, thermoformed methacrylate lenses, custom cutting of methacrylate, methacrylate menu holders, thermoformed methacrylate decorative trim, methacrylate industrial parts, methacrylate skylights, methacrylate spheres,  thermoformed methacrylate semi-spheres, high-impact methacrylate safety protection, methacrylate displays, methacrylate domes, methacrylate display cases, methacrylate ceilings, thermoformed methacrylate viewfinders, methacrylate bases, methacrylate trophies, methacrylate tables, methacrylate decorative accessories, methacrylate wall displays, methacrylate bath accessories and partitions

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